Monday on Lubbock's First News, Congressman Randy Neugebauer described the difference between the continuing resolution and debt ceiling, dislike of Obamacare, the farm bill, and impending government shutdown.

Neugebauer explained that the continuing resolution is an effort of the Senate and House to finish bills that were previously unable to be completed that would get the government funded. He noted that this is different than the debt ceiling, in that there is no money coming in to be considered.

He provided an analogy to better understand the issue: "you kind of have to think of the appropriation bill as signing the check. If you go into the store and you buy something... you sign the check. What's happened is we didn't pass all the bills necessary to sign the check... The debt ceiling is I'm about to write a check, but i don't have quite enough money in my checking account to cover that purchase, so I need to put part of that on my credit card."

Neugebauer reiterated that the majority of Americans do not want Obamacare. However, part of that policy will go into effect tomorrow. According to Neugebauer, the frustrating part of the struggle is that President Obama has refused to negotiate on the policy. 45,000 emails were sent to people within his district of which 10,000 were opened and responded to. He stated that 71% of respondents supported defunding Obamacare even if it meant a government shutdown.

Neugebauer also described the situation revolving around the farm bill. Fortunately, Neugebauer said, the 2013 crop year is covered under the current policy. However, if there is no bill passed, the current one will continue to be extended until something is decided on.

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