I finally got to see the fireworks from down inside Buffalo Springs Lake this year, and I thought the finale was really good! Until, that is, I saw this video from the fireworks in Nashville, and now Lubbock really has to really step up our game..

Now I realize that Nashville is a much larger city, and therefore has a ton more money to spend on a fireworks show than Lubbock, and Buffalo Springs Lake, combined has.

However, the sheer level of awesome-ness of the Nashville show tells me that we can at least strive for better. First off, let's look at a video of the finale from the lake that I made.

I think they did a great job, with a lot of booms and bright explosions. I had to mute the booms because there was copyrighted music playing in the background of my video and I didn't want YouTube to sue me because I'm poor.

Now let's compare that almost minute-long finale with this video of the Nashville finale.

Of course, theirs is twice as long as far as I can tell since the video is two minutes instead of one. But even if we ignore the length, just look at the sheer intensity and volume of explosions happening across a much bigger area of sky. This fireworks show is so much more than most I've seen. This, my friends, is 'Murica at its most explosively awesome.

Now THAT, my friends, is a fireworks finale. And while we may not have the resources to compete with that kind of show, we have something to strive for for next year and see how much better we can get.

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