Wednesday on KFYO Mornings with Dave King and Matt Martin, Lubbock City Councilman Randy Christian joined Dave and Matt to talk about Lime Scooters, the previous night's city council meeting, raising property taxes, citizens tower and the move in date, the recent invocation at the city council meeting, gang violence and shootings in Lubbock, bonds, debt, Citibus, and more.

Councilman Christian was asked about property taxes in Lubbock, the increase that we would see, and what the money would go towards. Randy explained that the council raised it by once cent, saying, "We raised it a penny, and we originally intended to raise it two cents because some of the appraisals went up." He went on to say that most of the money will go towards the construction of the new police substations.

Christian also talked about the continued construction of Citizen's Tower. He explained that the building is now enclosed, so most of the work is being done on the inside. Although Councilman Steve Massengale had previously said that the city would move in on November 1st, Christian told Dave and Matt that the council is targeted to move in sometime in December.

The Councilman was also asked about gang violence and shootings in Lubbock, and it anything could be done to try to decrease the frequency of them. Christian said that he believes that the police are already making a great effort, especially with the gang task force, but that such violence can never completely go away. He was also asked about the continued search for a new police chief, to which he said that they are still looking, but he believes they have a short list and will find someone for the job soon.


Watch the full interview with City Councilman Randy Christian in the video above.

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