Texas District 28 Senator Charles Perry (R) joined Chad Hasty on The Chad Hasty Show to discuss SB 6 (AKA the bathroom bill), sanctuary cities and how President Donald Trump is empowering Texas.

Sen. Perry made it clear the 85th session is keeping him busy. "It's been the busiest session I've had since I've been down here, including my two House sessions," Perry told Hasty.

The legislature has numerous priorities this year, not least the controversial Texas Bathroom Bill (or SB 6). Sen. Perry said he wasn't sure if it would be dead at the House or not, but said the bill would benefit from public support.

"This is a state issue now according to President Trump," said Perry, adding: "And if I had to say there was one truly valid argument that will come to fruition for school choice, if parents believe their kids are going to be forced into this social re-engineering, I'd say at least in Senate District 28, if there's any viable option outside of it they will take it, because they're not going to stand for what that looks like. Right, wrong or different, nothing against the individuals involved in those discussions as far as lifestyle goes, but I don't think it's a policy public school districts nor most of the people in Senate District 28 would support our needs to have...brainwashed into that philosophy."

You can watch the first part of our interview with Sen. Charles Perry in the video above, and the other two parts below.

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