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1. Supreme Court (link)

The Supreme Court is back and there are many important cases that will be decided in this term. One of the major cases that will be decided has to deal with race in college admissions.

The first piece of evidence could be in the court’s consideration of the University of Texas’ already limited use of race to help fill its incoming freshman classes, which comes before the court Oct. 10. The outcome could further limit or even end the use of racial preferences in college admissions.

Roberts has expressed contempt for the use of race in drawing legislative districts, calling it ‘‘a sordid business, this divvying us up by race,’’ and in assigning students to public schools, saying that ‘‘the way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.’’

The written arguments submitted by both sides in the Texas case leave little doubt that Kennedy, not Roberts, holds the prized vote. The challengers of the Texas program and the university itself cite Kennedy’s prior writings on affirmative action a combined 50 times.

What do you think the Supreme Court will do about race in college admissions? We will talk about it today during The Chad Hasty Show.

2. Presidential Poll (link)

The latest tracking poll on the Presidential election from Rasmussen is out. Obama leads Romney 48% to 46% which shows just how close this election is. This part was interesting to me though:

Currently, 43% of voters are “certain” they will vote for Romney. Forty-two percent (42%) are that certain they will vote for Obama. The remaining 15% are either uncommitted or open to changing their mind. To many Americans, especially partisan activists, it is hard to imagine how someone could be anything but certain at this point in time. One of the distinguishing features of these potentially persuadable voters is that they don’t see the choice between Romney and Obama as terribly significant. In terms of impacting their own life, just 28% say it will be Very Important which man wins.

This election is still up for grabs, so Romney supporters shouldn't feel discouraged. However, the fact that only 28% of people think that it's very important who wins is just insane.

3. Racism Everywhere! (link)

Remember that video of the Obama voter screaming about voting for Obama because she got an Obama phone? If you watched it or talked about it or even laughed at it, some will consider you a racist.

But the racism comes in when Drudge, Rush, the people who giddily retweeted the link, do a mental calculation that if enough people would just see this video they would support Romney, because it plays on the same racist stereotypes that are usually trotted out this time of the election cycle. The video posted on Drudge and played on Limbaugh was a black lady who has all the standard visual cues of being poor -- messed-up teeth and skin, her waistline, her yelling. Oh, and if cues aren't enough, she talks in racial terms: "Everybody in Cleveland, all the minorities got a phone. Keep Obama president, you know, he gave us a phone, he'll give us more." Drudge has a particular habit of, as Slate's Dave Weigel put it, "hyping up tabloid news that makes black people look like violent dopes who'll do anything for more goodies from Obama." The violence of "CHICAGOLAND" is a favorite trope.

What a stupid article but of course it's from the Atlantic so that's not shocking. The reason why the video made the rounds wasn't because she was a black Obama supporter. It's because she was a moronic Obama supporter. Morons make TV all the time. Anyone ever heard of "Jaywalking" on the Tonight Show?

Today on the show I have more examples of writers playing the race card with this election. During the election you will see more and more articles accusing people of being racist because of their views of Obama.

4. Imagine Lubbock Together (link)

Imagine Lubbock Together isn't done yet. In fact, they still want your opinion at a vision summit later this month. According to KFYO News:

The group will host the event on Thursday, October 18th, from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Lubbock Civic Center exhibit hall, located at 1501 Mac Davis Lane.

Imagine Lubbock Together hopes that this will be the largest public meeting in the City’s history, and are expecting 1,000 residents to be present.

“Their task will be to review and prioritize goals and principles derived from the ideas gathered through the Imagine Lubbock Together website and the public meetings held from September 11th to September 25th,” according to a press release from the organization.

Participants will receive a digital keypad that will be used to express preferences and priorities.

To reserve a keypad, send your intent to attend to, or call 761-7000.

More information is available at

No matter what you think about the effort or what you want for Lubbock, you should weigh in and have your voice heard.

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