On Wednesday's edition of The Chad Hasty Show, U.S. Senator John Cornyn joined the broadcast to discuss the controversy surrounding President Obama's nomination of Merrick Garland to the United States Supreme Court, and to explain the position of Senate Republican leadership on the issue.

While detailing his stance on the nomination, Cornyn said, "My own position starts with the premise, that I can't in good conscience support President Obama making an appointment that will change the balance of the Supreme Court for the next twenty five or thirty years, while he's a 'lame duck' president and on the way out of office."

Addressing Hasty's question about rumors that some in the Senate are considering having meetings about Garland's nomination, Cornyn stated, "He's not going to be confirmed, and so, for myself, I don't see the point of having the meetings with Judge Garland, and leading people to believe that something's going to happen when it's not." 

Cornyn continued, listing Democratic Senators that have, during recent administrations, opposed consideration of nominees made by Republicans,

This is the same sort of policy that was advocate by Joe Biden back in 1992 when he was Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. The same policy that Harry Reid advocated in 2005, and Chuck Schumer in 2007 when George W. Bush was President. So, this isn't anything new, and I think it's just naive to think that if the shoe were on the other foot, that there would be any different outcome.

Cornyn and Hasty also discussed the likelihood of a contested convention in the selection process of a Republican nominee for President.

Listen to the entire interview with Senator John Cornyn in the video above.

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