Here is your Morning Brief for April 30, 2015.

Scott Olson, Getty Images
Scott Olson, Getty Images

Cruz Slams Obama

According to the Dallas Morning News, Senator Ted Cruz placed some blame on President Obama for the racial tension we are seeing in the United States. Cruz made his remarks at the National Press Club. Cruz said that while Obama could have united the country, his actions have only divided us.

Cruz spoke for more than an hour at a Q&A with Javier Palomarez, president and CEO of the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, at the National Press Club. Cruz cited a campaign comment by Vice President Joe Biden to an African-American group asserting that if Republicans win, “ `They’re going to put you back in chains.’ That is deliberately dividing and inflaming tensions.”

In a follow-up from the audience, CNN’s Dana Bash asked Cruz to specify how, exactly, the president has inflamed racial tension.

“He has not used his role as president to bring us together,” Cruz replied. “He has exacerbated racial misunderstanding, racial tensions. From back at the beer summit to a series of efforts to pit Americans against each other. And part of the problem is the way he advocates for any given plan is to build a straw man and then vilify a caricature. So that in the president’s telling, anyone who opposes Obamacare — … you malevolently want people to suffer.”

“Dividing us over and over and over again is a dangerous approach for a president. It’s an irresponsible approach for a president,” Cruz said

I don't disagree with Cruz at all. President Obama still uses Ferguson as an example of what is wrong with police, even though the evidence showed that Michael Brown was in the wrong. President Obama has weighed in when he shouldn't and not backed the police when he should have.

Payday Loans in Texas

According to the Texas Tribune, Texas lawmakers gathered Wednesday to support legislation that would limit payday loans.

"We have lost some ground, and that is why it is important to do this press conference today – we have a very unified front," said Sen. Rodney Ellis, D-Houston, standing alongside Sen. Royce West, D-Dallas, and state Rep. Tom Craddick, R-Midland. They have all filed bills aimed at regulating the payday and auto title loan industry. "We have to put this back on the front burner," Ellis added.

The press conference came on the heels of two hearings where Senate and House committees considered bills aimed at regulating loans offered by payday and auto title lenders, collectively known as credit access businesses. While advocates of the bills have derided companies for what they consider to be predatory behavior, opponents have expressed hesitation to increase state involvement that would restrict business operations in the state.

"It is a sad day in Texas when the no. 1 state in income and job creation is charging the highest rates on payday loans," Craddick said. "From 2013 to 2014, Texans have paid $2.9 billion in fees for these very high-cost loans."

Once again you have Democrats and even some Republicans wanting the State to step in and act as mommy and daddy to grown adults. You can't protect everyone from their own actions. If you take out a loan, read the paperwork. If you don't want to or refuse to, that is your own fault.

Let's also not forget that for many people, these loans are the only way they can get money. If the payday loans weren't around, where would they go to get money?

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