Here is your Morning Brief for April 15, 2015.

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Cuba No Longer a State Sponsor of Terrorism

President Obama will be removing Cuba from the list of countries that sponsor terrorism around the world according to FOX News. The move is designed to help normalize relations between the two countries.

The president took the formal step of submitting to Congress the requisite report and certifications indicating the administration’s intent to rescind Cuba’s State Sponsor of Terrorism designation.

The president’s decision, a further step toward normalizing relations with the communist country, comes after his review of a State Department report on the matter.

A top Senate Democrat immediately hailed the move.

“The removal of Cuba from the State Sponsors of Terrorism list is a welcome move,” said Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin, the chamber’s No. 2 Democrat. “ While no fan of the Castro regime, I continue to believe that opening up the island to American ideas, vibrancy, and trade is the most effective way to see a more open and tolerant Cuba.”

The official decision comes long after the United States stopped actively accusing Cuba of supporting terrorism.

You know who I wouldn't want to debate this issue with? Marco Rubio. I bet there is at least one Democrat running for President who would agree with that.

Open Carry Hits Speed Bump in the House

According to the Texas Tribune, a Democratic State Representative was able to temporarily derail Open Carry from passing in the Texas House.

A point of order by state Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer, D-San Antonio, derailed the House floor discussion on House Bill 910 before it even started. His action targeted an error in how witness testimony was recorded. The bill, by state Rep. Larry Phillips, R-Sherman, now returns to the House Homeland Security and Public Safety Committee, where the error will be fixed.

The same issue also resulted in delaying House Bill 40, legislation that addresses local control over oil and gas activities.

At an impromptu news conference explaining the error, Phillips said a glitch in the computer systems had affected more than 100 bills and misreported testimony by witnesses at committee hearings who were testifying on more than one bill.

A move designed to delay what will eventually happen. Open Carry will pass in Texas and we will see nothing bad come from it. The anti-gun crowd always presents the same arguments when it comes to guns and the facts never match up with their claims.

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