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Joe Raedle, Getty Images
Joe Raedle, Getty Images

Problems for Jeb Bush

According to National Review, Jeb Bush's poll numbers aren't looking good. As he continues his feud with Donald Trump, will his poll numbers improve or sink even lower?

The bottom has fallen out for Jeb Bush. The newest poll of Iowa has Bush at 5 percent. He’s at 7 percent in New Hampshire and 9 percent in South Carolina. As recently as mid-July, Bush sat atop the Real Clear Politics national average, eight points ahead of his nearest competitor at 17.8 percent. Now, he trails Donald Trump and Ben Carson, in third at 9.7 percent. Bush’s well-documented weaknesses as a candidate — perceived conservative heresies on immigration and Common Core, a politically inconvenient last name – didn’t seem to be hurting him when he was on top seven weeks ago. So what explains his sudden slide? Alex Castellanos, a former ad-man for George W. Bush’s reelection campaign and a CNN commentator, suggests that frontrunner Donald Trump is making Bush look small. “Americans are afraid their nation is in decline; they are going to lose the country they love,” Castellanos says. “They want a leader as big as their fears. Right now, a lot of Republicans see that big leader as Trump, and no else is at the big boys’ table with him.” Castellanos contends that until a candidate proves he is “big enough” to do the job, nothing else matters — not being a conservative, not being a loyal Republican, not even major policy differences. “What good is policy or ideology if you aren’t big enough to get anything done anyway?”
A GOP strategist who worked on presidential campaigns in previous cycles looks at the Bush campaign and sees a lot of out-of-date arguments. “He keeps relying on his record in Florida to persuade people he’s the right guy for the job, and that was a long time ago,” the strategist says. “Does anybody particularly care? I mean, in some cases, we’re talking about bills signed into law literally in the last century. I know it matters to him, but does it matter to Republicans today? How he handled hurricanes back then? Really?”

Attacking Trump really hasn't worked for any candidate, although Bush has brought up some good points regarding Trump's past comments. The problem for Jeb Bush is that it seems as though voters have moved on. He did a fine job in Florida as Governor but that doesn't seem to matter to anyone right now.

So far we have seen the outsiders as the favorites in the Republican primary. I think Bush will hang around for the long haul, but he has to find a way to connect with the voters.

CNN Debate

Good news for Carly Fiorina! According to POLITICO, CNN has decided to change the criteria for their upcoming debate.

According to CNN, any candidate who ranks in the top 10 between Aug. 6 and Sept. 10 will be included in the prime-time debate on Sept. 16.

The Fiorina camp for weeks has been challenging the old criteria used by CNN for the September 16 debate. Fiorina should be on stage now and I predict that she will do well.

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