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Hillary's Lead Shrinks

Hillary Clinton is still the front runner for the Democratic nomination, but the percentage of voters embracing her is shrinking and that should alarm her campaign. According to POLITICO, Hillary Clinton is down to 51% support among Democrats.

Hillary Clinton is still leading the Democratic field for 2016, but her lead has shrunk in recent months, according to a Monmouth University poll out Wednesday, as independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders continues to make steady gains, despite trailing by a wide margin.

Among Democrats and those leaning toward the Democratic Party, Clinton picked up the support of 51 percent, down from 57 percent in June and 60 percent in April.

Sanders came in second with 17 percent, followed by former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley and former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb with 1 percent each. Lincoln Chafee, the former governor and senator from Rhode Island, registered no support.

If Vice President Joe Biden were to run, however, the results suggest that he would take some votes from Clinton. He has not announced his intentions, but poll respondents backed him with 13 percent, just behind Sanders.

She still may have a commanding lead over Sanders, but the enthusiasm from supporters just isn't there. As Mitt Romney can tell you, enthusiastic voters matter. If Clinton were to drop below 50% it would be a huge shock to the Clinton campaign and to most Democrats.

Texas Says No to Tesla

It's rare that I disagree with Governor Greg Abbott, but on this one issue he just doesn't make sense. According to the Texas Tribune, the reason Governor Abbott doesn't want Tesla in Texas is because if a car breaks down, he believes you should take it to the dealer.

Giving a nod to long-established franchised auto dealerships, Gov. Greg Abbott says Texas doesn’t need to carve out a loophole in its laws that would allow Tesla to sell its high-end electric cars directly to consumers.

“Texas has a very robust, very open, very effective automobile sector that seems like it’s working quite well the way that it is,” the Republican told Bloomberg Radio on Tuesday. “If you’re going to have a breakdown in a car, you need to have a car dealership there to make sure that the vehicle is going to be taken care of. We haven’t seen that from Tesla.”

Tesla’s business model is to sell directly to consumers, bypassing the middleman dealers as it does in many states. But a longstanding law bars that practice in Texas.

Dealerships argue that the law protects Texans by ensuring that they have spots to buy cars across the state, not just in populated cities where manufacturers might focus if given the chance to sell directly.

So much for that whole "let adults make their own decision" attitude! There are auto repair shops all over the State of Texas and even if there weren't, who cares? Adults are buying these cars and they should know the risk when buying one. Like any exotic or luxury car, not everyone can work on them and those that do often charge big time money.

Count this as one issue I disagree with the Governor on. As I've always said, you are never going to agree 100% with any elected official. To be fair to Governor Abbott, there are a lot of Republicans who are wrong on this issue.

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