Your Morning Brief for June 24, 2015.

Cole Shooter, KFYO
Cole Shooter, KFYO

DOJ vs. Lubbock Police

According to KAMC news, the Department of Justice is threatening to sue the Lubbock Police Department over discrimination. At issue is a written test along with a physical fitness test.

A letter from the DOJ to the city on Monday said, “Based on the information gathered during our investigation, we have determined that the City is engaged in a pattern or practice of discrimination against Hispanics and women.”

The DOJ complained about the city’s 65-question written test for mathematics, reading comprehension, and grammar.

The letter said, “Since 2009, approximately 88% of white applicants have passed the written exam, while only approximately 68% of Hispanic applicants have passed.”

The letter also said, “2009, approximately 81% of male applicants have passed the physical fitness test, while only approximately 37% of female applicants have passed.”

The DOJ believes that more women and Hispanics would have been hired were it not for the tests “without gaining the ability to distinguish between qualified and unqualified candidates.”

The DOJ said, “During our investigation, the City offered no evidence supporting a conclusion that either the written exam or the physical fitness test actually measured the knowledge, skills, and abilities it intended to measure”

Let me get this straight. The Lubbock Police Department is in trouble because they hired the smartest and strongest candidates? I see that as a good thing, but of course the DOJ only cares about quotas.

Negotiating with Terrorist Now Okay

According to CNN, President Obama will announce today that the United States will officially begin tolerating and embracing the act of negotiating with terror organizations.

The White House will release on Wednesday a presidential directive and an executive order that will allow the government to communicate and negotiate with terrorist groups holding Americans hostage, a source briefed on the matter told CNN.

While the government will maintain its policy of not making "substantive concessions" to captors or paying ransoms, the White House will announce that officials will no longer threaten with criminal prosecution the families of American hostages who do pay ransoms to their relatives' captors, according to a senior administration official.

Family members of former hostages were meeting at the White House on Tuesday to learn of the administration's decisions after a months-long review of U.S. policies in dealing with American citizens held captive. The families were set to meet with President Barack Obama on Wednesday.

To have this as official policy seems dangerous. No, I don't think we should lock up family members who attempt to pay a ransom, but the position of the United States should always be that we don't negotiate with terrorists.

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