Does LISD really need their own performing arts center? That was the topic for debate on the Thursday edition of The Chad Hasty Show.

At a recent meeting, LISD announced that they have entered a pledge agreement with the Talkington Foundation to fund a new performing arts theater. The agreement says that the foundation will give the district a grant of $12.5 million for the new center, if the district can match the funds by January 2016. And according to Chad, the most likely way LISD can raise those funds is through a bond election.

That opens up the possibility of dueling bond elections, and possibly dueling performing arts centers. There are still some people in Lubbock who would like to see a new performing arts theater built downtown. Chad said it should be interesting to see how both performing arts centers are brought up on the bond elections, but doubts that they'll decide to build just one for both groups to use. After all, he said, you have to have one for the kids and one for the adults.

KFYO's Rob Snyder got in on the conversation as well, bringing up another recent LISD project: the renovated football fields. Both had Chad agreed that those new fields could be used as an excuse for people to say "The football kids got new things, what about the theater kids?" Caller Troy also sounded off of the issue, saying that if people really want LISD to build a performing arts center, they should dig into their own pockets, not have the taxpayers pay for it.

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