Tuesday on KFYO's The Chad Hasty Show, Chad talked about the recent controversy involving Slaton ISD and Idalou ISD students, the schools and leadership.

Some students from both schools believe the controversy arose after media attention after it was reported that Idalou fans and students were perceived as racist due after they chanted "U.S.A!" at a basketball game against Slaton ISD.

Hasty sees the misconception as being owned by Slaton ISD Superintendent Julee Becker.

Hasty said:

[Becker] owes an apology to Idalou. Now will the superintendent of Slaton ISD, who is far smarter than all the parents of Slaton ISD [students] who were at the game, that's according to her, who knew exactly why the Idalou students were chanting "U.S.A." ... Will she apologize to the students now?

Listen to the entire segment from Chad Hasty in the YouTube video player above.

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