Thursday on The Chad Hasty Show, Hasty excoriated the continuing protests, some of which have involved violence, that are taking place around the nation by people opposing the election of Donald Trump to be the 45th President of the United States.

Many news stories have been published about people who are being drawn into a frenzy over various rumors that many people will be immediately banished from the country upon Trump's inauguration.

Hasty said,

Donald Trump is not going to round up everyone who's Hispanic, and throw them out of the country. In fact, I'm willing to bet, he's not going to be rounding up illegal immigrants either, and throwing them out of the country.

Describing the attitude and reasoning of many of the protesters, especially those attending universities and were Bernie Sanders supporters, Hasty said,

They're children. They are - they have the mindset of a child. They didn't get their way, and for eight years they've gotten their way. For eight years, those on the left have been able to freely call you, me, all conservatives: racist, bigoted. 'You don't agree with us you're a racist. You don't agree with us, you're a homophobe. You don't agree with us, you're a bigot. You don't agree with what Barack Obama's doing in the White House? Yeah, you're a racist.'

Listen to the segments from the show, along with some great listener calls in the video above.

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