The Texas Tech University Center for Global Communication has announced the winners of their Global Communication Awards.

The award provides funding to enhance undergraduate education in the field of global communication. The director of the Center for Global Communication, Paul Paré, stated, "As part of such undergraduate educational initiatives, the Center for Global Communication has announced upward of $300,000 in awards to promote and enhance global communication through programming, instructional activities, and scholarships.”

Four different projects were awarded funding;

  • Story Maps of Humanitarian Projects Around the World - This project will address current global challenges including tracking and halting the spread of human diseases, or finding evacuation routes in cases of natural disaster. Participants in this project will be trained to link digital media involving the above content with a international network already established by YouthMappers.
  • Identify and Resistance in Global Contexts - This project is centered around the conflicts instigated by human differences like; individual, collective, cultural, and national identity. Participants in this project will create a digital collection of texts, videos, stores, and music to explore identity and conflict.
  • A Global Context for Reflective Practice in Engineering and Technology Ethics - This project will allow Texas Tech students to communicate on the global stage to exchange ideas across national borders and cultures. Texas Tech engineers will Skype with peers in India and the Ukraine to examine ethical practices in their field.
  • Global Governance, Communication and Connectivity - Students involved in this project will learn the balance between anarchy and government. Students will identify mechanisms for keeping peace and civility on the world stage through lectures, reading, and conferences.

These four projects will be funded from 2017 through 2019.

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