The remains of a famous auto designer still lay in a Dallas County morgue more than a month following his death, due to family disputes over his burial.

Carroll Shelby, a native of Leesburg, Texas, died on May 10th of this year at the age of 89, after being plagued by heart problems for much of his life.

A court battle has erupted regarding the legendary racing driver and designer’s body, with his son Michael saying that his father directed him a short time before his death to have his remains cremated.

Shelby’s wife Cleo contends that the document was forged. Cleo Shelby, who lives in California, filed paperwork saying that Carroll Shelby gave her power of attorney within the past two years.

During the 1950s, Shelby drove for the Cad-Allard, Aston Martin, and Maserati teams, but quit due to health problems. He then designed and modified cars for a number of companies, most notably Ford and Dodge. He created the famous 427 Shelby Cobra, Shelby Mustangs, and served as performance consultant for the Dodge Viper.

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