On the Friday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, Carl Tepper joined Chad in the KFYO studio to talk about events and politics in the news, including private property rights, gun control, Ted Cruz, and Donald Trump.

Tepper and Hasty talked about yesterday's vote in the United Kingdom, with the majority desiring the UK's exit from the European Union, and the subsequent resignation of British Prime Minister David Cameron.

Also in the conversation was Donald Trump's speech this week which centered around Hillary Clinton, and the 'Dump Trump' movement, with some in the GOP wanting Donald Trump to be replaced, via the GOP convention, as the Republican nominee for President.

Tepper and Hasty discussed what would have to take place for Trump to be removed from the ticket, including rules changes at both the state and national levels of the Republican Party.

"I don't think the national party can just relax, or change the rules," Tepper said, then continued, "I just can't imagine, [the GOP convention is] just a few weeks away, so I just can't imagine that every executive committee of every state would be called within these next two or three weeks to get that done."

Listen to the entire interview with Carl Tepper in the video above.

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