Listen to the entire interview with Texas State Representative Brian Harrison (HD-10) below.

Texas State Representative Brian Harrison might be new to the Texas Legislature, but he isn't a stranger to politics or the COVID-19 vaccine and the issue of government mandates, having served in the Trump administration he saw how Operation Warp Speed worked and how the administration wanted to get vaccinations to those who wanted them.

On Friday's edition of The Chad Hasty Show, Harrison joined the show to discuss his passion for making sure people had a choice to to get vaccinated and not forced.

As bad and dangerous and as deadly as COVID is, a loss of liberty and a loss of freedom is far worse. Because once you lose those things it's very rare that societies get those back. So this to me isn't a healthcare issue, at the end of the day this is a question of the role of government. What level of involvement in the lives of individual Americans and involvement of the Federal Government and State how we dictate our lives down here are we willing to accept? Because if the Federal Government can come in and order individual Texans to put needles in the arms against their wishes, we might as well give up any pretense of living in a free society or having a federalist system.

Harrison told Hasty that he would like to have a fourth special session called by Governor Abbott to address vaccine mandates. Harrison says that he has a bill that would be effective again Biden's vaccine mandates and that his bill would defeat Biden's executive order.

The problem? Governor Abbott hasn't called a special session to address the issue.

Listen to the full interview with Rep. Brian Harrison above.

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