On the Friday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, Brandon Darby, managing director of Breitbart Texas talked with Chad Hasty about the latest Texas news.

One of the major stories on Breitbart Texas, and one that Democrats are pushing, is equal pay, claiming that women in Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott's office are not making as much as men in similar position. Darby said that right now, the Democrats are facing a lot of problems with Obamacare and the underwhelming performance of Wendy Davis in the Texas primaries, amongst other things, and that they are desperate to find something else to talk about to distract from their failures.

"If I had these problems in the my party right now, I'd want to talk about something like equal pay as well. I would want to t get the conversation off of the failures of our party, off of Detroit, off of the fact that the welfare numbers in Texas continue to go down more so than the national average while the numbers in California increase. I'd want to talk about anything I could to get that attention off."

Darby added that it was debatable whether the pay discrepancy is really as big as Democrats claim it is.

Border security is another major issue on Breitbart Texas. Darby said that border agents on the Texas border continue to face heavy criticism and smear from left-leaning media outlets, and that the people in Texas need to start waking up and be aware of who's attacking the border patrol, and for what reasons.

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