On the Friday edition of the Chad Hasty Show, Managing Director of Breitbart Texas, Brandon Darby, briefly continued the discussion of media coverage of the Bundy Ranch occurrences and the debate between Dan Patrick and Julian Castro debate.

Darby briefly responded to the continuing issues around Bundy Ranch, which he says mainly consists of inaccurate media coverage of the situation. He said, "People need to understand that the situation is not as clear cut as a lot of media are making it out to be." Such media coverage can occur on both political sides. Darby described the Left media as using hyperbolic language to build a narrative to push an agenda, while the Right uses facts to support something or tell it like it is.

Darby also discussed the debate that took place between San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro and Senator Dan Patrick. Darby believes the debate wasn't the best idea for Patrick because Castro had a lot to gain while Patrick had a lot to lose. However, he noted the debate may have portrayed Patrick more positively because he showed greater compassion on the immigration discussion, while standing by his original position. Darby observed that Patrick "acknowledged that there is a lot of human cost in this ordeal."

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