Friday on KFYO Mornings with Dave King and Matt Martin, the editor of the Quorum Report, Scott Braddock, joined the show to talk about upcoming elections, the Texas House elections, republicans and healthcare, spikes in democratic voters, the 2020 Census, MJ Hegar, and more.

Braddock is traveling around Texas, finding himself in Houston this week. He started the discussion by saying that the big question for them right now is, "who is going to control the Texas House of Representatives, big question mark, and I think right now, it's probably a coin flip. It's hard to say."

A major aspect of these elections are the large amounts of money going in different directions. Braddock explained that candidates are getting tons of money, especially on the democratic side. He went on to say that these have become million-dollar races, where previously these would top out at about $150,000. Republicans also have a lot of money, but it's generally new for democrats to be getting this much for races like these.

Third-party groups are getting very involved on the democratic side, citing things like republicans' poor job at handling healthcare and pre-existing conditions in the past.

Another question that Braddock was asked about is if Texas is seeing a big move of Democrats thinking that Texas could turn blue, and if there have been more democratic registrations.

He reminded everyone that registration ended a few weeks ago and that we don't register by party. Instead, it's more like we're figuring it out more by feel around here. In the early vote so far, which is at about two million votes, he think that there are reasons to believe that people have been voting more democratic.

"I wouldn't be surprised that if, on election night at 7 p.m. when the first results come in and we get the early voting totals and all of that, if democrats weren't leading in certain parts of Texas or even state-wide Texas," Braddock said.

When talking about the presidential election, Braddock said that despite a surge in early democratic voters in Texas, republican voters shouldn't get too nervous if it seems like Biden is nipping at Trump's heels when the votes first start to get counted. According to Braddock, it will most likely turn around.

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