GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson attracted a crowd of about 6,000 at a rally in Phoenix yesterday.

According to the website AZFamily, Carson spent time addressing rival candidate Donald Trump's plan to round up and deport illegal aliens currently in the country, and said that the cost of that action would be prohibitive, possibly as high as $200 million.

"We’re borrowing money from China in order to give it to Pakistan," Carson said. "That doesn’t make any sense."

Continuing with the topic of illegal immigration, Carson said that he would want the border closed [to illegals], but states that the national border surrounds the entire country, not solely the border with Mexico.

Carson said one of his solutions to the immigration problem would be employing a guest-worker program that requires those workers to pay taxes, as well as a back-tax penalty.

Dr. Carson has continued his popularity with possible voters, picking up 5 points in a recent FoxNews survey and moving into second place behind Trump.