On the Thursday edition of the Chad Hasty Show, author and electoral college expert Tara Ross talked with Chad Hasty about the importance of the electoral college.

In her book "Enlightened Democracy: The Case For The Electoral College," Ross discusses the history and the purpose behind the electoral college.

"Our country is such a big, diverse nation. We need a unique process to ensure that Presidential candidates are reaching out to everybody, not just going to a region or a handful of big urban areas where they are already strong and already know the issues and those people already like them."

Ross went on to list many benefits of the electoral college. She said the college causes the candidates to visit all the states, not just the ones with the heaviest populations, and ensures all states get a chance to be heard.

Ross noted that, unfortunately, not many people know about the electoral college, and that even the textbooks have inaccurate information concerning the college. She also took several listener's questions concerning modifying the electoral college and how the number of votes are determined for each state.

You can find "Enlightened Democracy," online at amazon.com, and at book retailers nationwide.