It's almost that time of year where on a single Spring day the air around Lubbock has a smell of citrus so strong it could rival that of Florida and their oranges. No, we are not preparing to wage war against scurvy but instead many children across the South Plains will be celebrating Lemonade Day.

Lemonade Day comes once a year and is an opportunity for children across Lubbock to try being their own boss. These young entrepreneurs will operate their own lemonade stand and work hard in preparation for Lemonade Day. Children will have to put in a lot of work before the day and write a business plan, get a bank loan, apply for a health department permit and get all their supplies ready.

KAMC news reports that sign ups for Lemonade Day were celebrated on March 28 at the YWCA event room with a ribbon cutting ceremony. That ceremony was hosted by the Lubbock YWCA, Lubbock Chamber of Commerce and the Lubbock Lemonade Day board which have all come together to support the day.

There will be many recipes for lemonade being tried this year as well as some newer recipes that are sure to make some of those lemonade stands popular. I personally like limeade, cucumber limeade is my kryptonite, so if anyone is selling that at their stand I urge you to buy two cups. The second cup is for myself.

This years Lemonade Day will be held on May 6 with all school aged children able to sign up for the opportunity to gain entrepreneurial experience. For more information on Lemonade Day or if interested in registering or even just donating can head on over to the Lemonade Day website. This is also one of the best opportunities to buy locally while supporting small, very small, businesses.

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