Every once in a while, companies will decide to mix things up and throw a few new items our way. This especially happens with different food and drink brands that are known for one thing but want to try and mix it up with more flavors of their iconic items. Fortunately, Shay Spence, a professional eater, and traveler, keeps everyone up to date with the newest foods on his TikTok account.

He recently started a series where every week he updates everyone on the five new foods coming out. This includes snack foods and drinks that will be available in grocery stores, fast food options, and online exclusives.

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Here are two of his most recent videos:

I am definitely looking forward to a few of these new foods. Specifically, the new Frosted Flakes flavors, Icee sandwich cookies, and the snickerdoodle Pop-Tarts. I would also be interested in trying that new Pepsi flavor, but I won’t be entering a giveaway for the tiny chance I might win.

If you are a foodie like myself, Spence posts many other fun food videos other than these new food updates. He recently tried out some food around Austin, Texas, and he is always posting some of his favorite recipes that look amazing. Along with the food videos, he travels all over the place and shows off all the cool places he visits. You can find him @theshayspance on TikTok if you want to take a look at more of his food and travel videos.

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