The cold north wind is blowing through the South Plains once more, which means that by the time you leave the office today, you'll need a new paint job on your Ford F-250.

While Amarillo deals with blizzard conditions and snow, here in Lubbock, we get Satan's Snowstorm.

Sand and dust...and lots of it.

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As the winds gust to over 60 miles per hour, those with sensitive respiratory systems or breathing issues need to be on alert. The key in times like this is to stay hydrated and make sure that you stay indoors out of the wind and dust if you can.

Talking with our radio pal Wes "I'm not accepting any more Facebook friend requests" Nessman, he actually pointed out a really cool device that may help you if you feel a case of the "dust mouth".




The Personal Steam Inhaler.

When the air gets as thick as Nestle's Quik, you need a way to clear out those airways and get feeling better, before you wind up with a dust headache, or worse, even bronchitis.

For the low, low, price of $37.04 on Amazon, this little guy sits right on your desk, and lets you dip your beak in for a few, blissful moments of steamy, personal zen. Plus, if you are so inclined, you can drop a dab of Vicks into the water reservoir for that medicated, childhood memory inducing aroma of Vicks Vapo-Rub. Remember when we used to smear that stuff all over our chests when we were kids and then wound up stuck to the bedsheets? Yeah, good times.

I'm getting one of these for the office. Like, today. In fact, here in the South Plains, they should be issued to people as soon as we become residents. It's key to survival in a dystopian hellhole of dust and sand.

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