Wednesday on Lubbock's First News, Cathy Landtroop, owner of Landtroop Strategies and a sponsor of this year's Lemonade Day, talked about some opportunities leading up to the big day.

Lemonade Day provides an opportunity for kids to transform into young entrepreneurs by learning the basics about how to fund and run a small business. They are offered a small loan and various chances to learn about how to handle money, manage materials, advertise, and choose a location. This year, Lemonade Day is on May 3.

Thursday, April 17, from 4-5 p.m., Pan-Tex Lumber on 42nd and Avenue A will host a lemonade stand building event. The afternoon will give kids and parents some ideas on how to build different types of lemonade stands, based on budget, storage, and difficulty. The blueprints for three different models will be available to kids on site and online. Kids will work together to build three stands during the event, for which all participants can enter a drawing to win.

Landtroop said there is an understanding that parents are busy and kids will need help, "So the more we can be helpful and provide tools and tips and things that have worked well, the more success these kids can have. The goal is that they can build and start a successful business and understand how entrepreneurship works." For details on other educational events and how to get involved in Lemonade Day as a participant, sponsor, or volunteer, visit

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