I'd like to make some suggestions about respecting the field at Jones AT&T Stadium.

We have a couple of problems that need to be dealt with over at Texas Tech before someone gets hurt, arrested, or fined a lot more than $50,000. With that in mind, here's what I'd tell Coach McGuire.

Dear Coach,

I truly believe your voice has changed the culture of the Texas Tech Football program. That same voice could be used to change the culture of the fans. We can still have the most rabid fan base in college football and still make it safe and fun for everyone. I would suggest two little tweaks, one motivational and the other physical. Let's get after it.

#1. People need to be taught to respect the field. Too much blood, sweat, and tears go into standing as a proud Red Raider on that field to have garbage thrown on it. People need to know that is Texas Tech's house and NO ONE is to disrespect it in any manner. It needs to be taught that the field is hallowed ground.

#2. Stop people from rushing the field by sending players into the stands. This could be a new Texas Tech tradition. They do it (sometimes) in the pros, in pro-wrestling, and in other events. The fans want to feel like they are a part of the program, and what better way to honor them than by taking the action to the people in some form?

This could be done in a deliberate way with a post-game walk or the guys could just hit up assigned areas. If our players take it to the fans, then we can cut out fan interaction with opposing teams.

I hope these ideas will at least inspire other ideas on getting a handle on things. A new culture is growing 360 degrees around Red Raider Football, so let's make sure everyone is headed in the right direction.

Texas Tech vs UT (September 24th, 2022)

Pictures from the Texas Tech-Texas football game at Jones AT&T Stadium in Lubbock, Texas.

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