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If you thought the race for Texas House Speaker was over, the Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas wants to have a word.

Last week, KFYO reported that Rep. Dade Phelan was the favorite to become the next Speaker of the Texas House.

In his Monday morning newsletter, Allen West, blasted the process for the Speakership in Texas and said that in no way would the Republican Party of Texas accept Dade Phelan as Speaker of the Texas House. Phelan is a Republican who announced last week that he had the votes to become Speaker of the Texas House. His support came from Democrats and Republicans which angered the most conservative lawmakers in the Texas House.

On Monday, West showed the State that he plans on getting involved in the process.

Texas will not allow the undermining of our "Texas Republic." This is why the Republican Party of Texas is perplexed, and will not support, a potential Texas Speaker of the House who would seek  affirmation from progressive socialist Democrats to attain that position. It is utterly absurd and demonstrably idiotic that any Republican would join with Democrats to lead our Republican majority (83-67) Texas State House. Does anyone believe that Texas Democrats will support the Republican Party of Texas legislative priority of election integrity?
Therefore, let me clearly state this: the Republican Party of Texas will not support, nor accept, State Rep. Dade Phelan as Speaker of the Texas House. Texas does not need a Republican political traitor, not at a time when the two diverging philosophies of governance are this lucid.


The Republican Party of Texas will not sit back idly and watch leftist Democrats be placed as Committee Chairmen who will undermine, kill, our legislative priorities, as happened in the 86th Texas legislative session.

The statement from Chairman West continues to show that West is not afraid of speaking out publicly against members of his own party in Texas. It remains to be seen if the newsletter will have an impact on the Speaker's race, but it could encourage other Republicans to run.

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