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Where do they stand on Constitutional Carry?

We know where the Texas House and House Speaker Dade Phelan stands on Constitutional Carry. It issue passed in the House and now it's in a wait and see area.

Does Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick support Constitutional Carry? I honestly have no idea. As has been reported before, Patrick hasn't been a champion of Constitutional Carry in years past, but no one really knows for sure where he stands today and part of the reason no one knows is because Patrick hasn't told us. And this is a Lieutenant Governor that will normally tell you exactly how he feels.

Then there is Governor Greg Abbott. The big champion of the Sanctuary State for the Second Amendment. Where does he stand on Constitutional Carry? No one one knows because he won't say. According to the Dallas Morning News, Abbott is waiting to see what will happen while he focuses on his priorities.

Asked if he wants to see HB 1927 advance to his desk and whether he would sign it if it does, Abbott replied, “You know, I and my office, we’re looking at all of these bills as they are working their way through the Capitol. And while we are working to see what happens with legislation like that, what I am focusing on are the items that I listed as emergency items [enumerated] in my state of the state address.”

With all due respect to Governor Abbott and Lieutenant Governor Patrick, just come out and say if you support the bill or not. If you do, great! You are two, powerful figures in Texas and working together, I bet you can get something done. Opposed to the bill? Tell us why.

And by the way, Lt. Governor Patrick, allow a vote in the Texas Senate. Let's see which Senators are against the bill.

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