Listen to the full interview above with Texas Governor Greg Abbott on The Chad Hasty Show.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott joined The Chad Hasty Show on Tuesday morning on KFYO to discuss the situation continuing to develop in Austin with elected Democrat lawmakers fleeing the state in order to prevent a vote on voter integrity legislation.

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Democrats call the legislation voter suppression and at least 51 House Democrats left Austin on Monday to fly to Washington, D.C. Most of those who left Austin did so on private planes.

Governor Abbott reiterated his stance that he will call "special session after special session after special session all the way up until the next election" in order to get voter integrity and other legislation passed. The Governor also said that he supports stripping leadership titles from those Democrats who leave Austin.

Without a doubt. This is not leadership by these people who flee. Leadership is standing up and doing your job and doing your best at doing your job. Not fleeing and abandoning your job. Think about the people who are listening right now who maybe driving to work and going to their job, is it leadership for them to walk off the job and quit? Think about a Texas Tech Football game or any type of football game and you're behind at the end of the third quarter, your just going to take your ball and go home and not show up for the fourth quarter? This is the most un-Texan, un-American thing anybody could do. So of course any Democrat who is a member of leadership such as chairman of a committee should lose their job.

The Governor also said that Article X funding of the legislature would not be restored if the Democrats continue to stay away from Austin.

Listen to the entire interview with Governor Greg Abbott above.

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