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One of the greatest things about Lubbock, Texas is that fact that it is home to Texas Tech University. Everyone loves the school and the entire city would be different if the university wasn't here.

This is especially true when you look at the historical parts of Lubbock. Most of the historical neighborhoods were built around Texas Tech, truly making it the heart of the city. The proximity of some of these neighborhoods means that there are plenty of beautiful homes available for employees and fanatics alike to live right next to the campus.

The proximity of these homes also means that there are plenty of college kids living in the area. Because of that, investors buy these homes, turn them into rental properties, and house students as a way to make some extra cash. While this is a great thing most of the time, I would hate to be the homeowner living next to this property that's been transformed into a frat house.

Luckily for this home's neighbors, the house is currently for sale. If I were them, I would be crossing my fingers that a nice, quite, calm family decides to buy the house and change it from its current condition.

Keep scrolling to see inside this historic Lubbock home that was turned into a frat house.

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