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My normal day probably isn't very different than yours, honestly.

It may seem super cool to a lot of people when I tell them that I'm in a band. We play shows around town, sometimes we rent a van and drive to other cities or states to play, and we have an EP on Spotify. It's rad, sure, but I'm just a dude.

I get up around 9 a.m., take a shower, make my coffee and breakfast, then fiddle around for a bit before I head to my completely normal office job, the radio station. I get off work around 7 p.m. each day, do a quick workout, eat, then either play video games, watch a show or movie, or noodle around on the guitar before I go to bed. The days vary, of course, but typically that's how it'll go.

At least once a week the band will meet up to practice our songs, jam, or work on new songs. It's chill. I like my boys and really appreciate getting to express myself through our music with them.

Every now and then we'll take the evening off and go play a show. Most recently we played at Raider's Axe Gallery in Lubbock for Jme's First Friday Art Trail Punk Rock Show. We're not exactly punk rock (we're closer to sludge metal) but I won't pass up an opportunity to perform. We'll get there, set up, play, tear down, and go home to sleep a bit before work in the morning.

I wouldn't say there's anything fancy to being a local musician. It's another way of earning a teeny-tiny bit of income and it's a super fulfilling hobby at the same time.

But I still gotta work. I still gotta pay rent. I still gotta do all the things a "normal" person does. I just also play music and scream into a microphone a few days out of the week.

If you're interested, check out our band Bummified on Facebook and Spotify. It's a shameless plug, but I'd be dumb not to use the resources I have, y'know?

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