It's summer and that means we are throwing stuff on the grill! But how do you foolproof your meat, fruits and veggies? Here are the top three grilling mistakes to avoid.

Jennifer Gorman with United Supermarket families gave us some great tips to ensure that your grilling is great and there's no need to eat a bologna sandwich or call the fire department.

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    Watch the heat!

    Many times we grill our foods on heat that is just too high. That's how we end up with charred vegetables and steaks that look like pieces of charcoal. Low and slow is the best thing to remember when grilling.

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    Don't skip the seasoning!

    Rubs, spices and marinades will add that extra something that will take an average food to fabulous. There are so many types and flavors that you will be able to experiment and find which ones you and your family like the best.

    Justin Massoud
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    Don't over mix the meat!

    Handling, pushing and otherwise torturing your ground beef or turkey will stress it and change the texture.  Also, don't push your patties down with the spatula while grilling; you lose valuable juices that way.

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