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As the seasons change and months go by, certain fruits and vegetable go in and out of season.

As we head into the fall months, there are certain items that are going out of season, like strawberries, but there are plenty of other delicious fruits that are in season, like apples. Sure, strawberries will still be on the shelf for the rest of the year, just like apples always are, but if you want the best tasting produce, you want to purchase it when its in season.

There's a reason why fall is known for delicious apple cider and cranberry sauce. It's because that's when those fruits are at their best. If you want to know what fruits and vegetables are in season in September, keep scrolling and see what sound good to you.

Keep in mind, many of the summer items will be going out of season in the next couple of months, so enjoy them while you can, and get ready for all of the delicious fall and winter produce.

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