Today is Texas Independence Day in the Lone Star State.

On this day in 1836, the convention at Washington-on-the-Brazos declared their independence from Mexico under the rule of Dictator Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna.

The 59 delegates met at Washington the night before on March 1st and worked overnight to write the declaration during the Texas Revolution, which began at Gonzales the previous fall in 1835.

There is an event today at Washington-on-the-Brazos State Park to commemorate the signing of the document.

Elected officials in Texas have also reflected on Texas Independence Day. Lubbock Congressman Randy Neugebauer said on his Facebook page Saturday,

"Today we remember more than the Texas Declaration of Independence. March 2nd is a day to think about all the great Texans who have come before us.

From Sam Houston and William B. Travis to Audie Murphy and Buddy Holly, Texans are as diverse as the landscape we inhabit. When I think about the brave men and women who fought in the Texas Revolution for our independence from Mexico, I hope we can learn something from their courage as we face our own problems and differences.

Because of those who drew a line in the sand and would not surrender, we live in the greatest state in the nation. I’m proud to call Texas home."

U.S. Senator John Cornyn of Texas released a statement saying,

Today we celebrate Texas’ independence won 177 years ago by brave men like William B. Travis, Davy Crockett, James Bowie and the man whose seat I’m proud to hold in the U.S. Senate – Sam Houston.

As Texans, we have much to be proud of and many to thank for making the Lone Star State the best state in the nation to raise a family and run a business.

Entrepreneurs and business leaders are attracted to Texas because our taxes are low and our government is limited. As a result, Texas’ economy is leading the nation and our job market is growing.

May we always remember those who contributed to birth of this great state and those who continue to defend it. May God bless you and yours and may He continue to bless Texas."

Texas Governor Rick Perry sent out a picture on Twitter Saturday morning of the Texas Flag wishing Texans a "Happy Texas Independence Day!!"