Lubbock Mayor Glen Robertson made his first appearance at the Lubbock City Council Thursday night since his heart procedure last month.

The council voted 6-0 to give final approval to an ordinance to prohibit the sale of the substance known as synthetic marijuana (story).

Robertson joined Lubbock’s First News with Tom Collins and Laura Mac to talk about the council meeting and the ban of the substance.

I couldn’t vote for it because I think it’s unenforceable,” Robertson said.

I do not think it’s my job as an elected official at a city level to tell an adult what they can and cannot do.”

Robertson, still recovering from his triple bypass procedure last month, didn’t stay for the vote because he believed it would have passed regardless of his presence at the meeting.

This council was passionate about this. To me, it’s a feel good ordinance. It was an ordinance for most people to vote for because it it’s publicly accepted.”

It will take thirty-days for the ordinance to take effect in the City of Lubbock.

Robertson also addressed his health on the program Friday and said he believes the heart attack he suffered occurred during the State of the City of Address.