During Monday's edition of Lubbock's First News on KFYO, Congressman Randy Neugebauer talked about the continuing problem along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Talking about illegal immigrants coming to America, Neugebauer stated "This is not a new phenomena." He went on to explain "a new phenomena though is that it's at levels that are unprecedented." The country is currently setting up new facilities and trying to find more existing facilities to accommodate the unprecedented numbers of illegal immigrants.

The facilities currently available for the illegal immigrant children are generally good. While visiting the Lackland Airforce base in San Antonio (which is on track to process 30,000-40,000 kids this year), Congressman Neugebauer stated there is clean clothing, food, medical resources and staff provided for the children. "Obviously it's not a Ritz-Carlton, but the Health and Human Services has put personnel there," Congressman Neugebauer said.

Congressman Neugebauer believes that the illegal immigrants should be turned around at the border to deter continued crossing. "We need to send the word, 'if you come, you're going home'," said Congressman Neugebauer.  He also believes more pressure should be put on Mexico to encourage them to secure their southern border, possibly including an embargo or discontinuation of NAFTA to Mexico.

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