Another critical report of the Republican party is out and the RNC Chair, Reince Priebus, praised it's findings. The new report from The College Republican National Committee takes a look at what politically motivates Millennials and other younger voters. The report isn't good for Republicans. According to Politico the GOP brand is damaged in the eyes of younger people.

The new document argues that the GOP brand is damaged in the eyes of young people, and outlines how the party should repair that reputation — by accepting diverse viewpoints on gay marriage and immigration, for example, and unpacking how that age group is directly affected by key economic debates.

“We have already begun to increase our engagement with young voters and encourage young conservatives to become more active in their communities,” Priebus continued. “Republicans are in a great position to talk to Millennials about how we are actively fighting to give entrepreneurial young people a better shot at success and freedom and opportunity for all Americans. The foundation is set and now we’re putting the rubber to the road.”

The question is what, if anything, should the GOP do to reach out to younger voters? The report says that the GOP should accept diverse viewpoints on different issues. I can agree with that. Debate is good and there is nothing wrong with Republicans debating the issues. However, most of the time it seems as though accepting diverse viewpoints means really means everyone change how they feel or else. I believe the conservative/Republican message works, you just have to have the right people out there talking about it. For example, Ted Cruz.