Talk about a close call.

A young Lubbock girl named Savannah had an alarming close encounter with a dog described to look like a pit bull mix while out riding her bicycle Tuesday afternoon (July 30th) in the neighborhood near Parsons Elementary School.

During my chat with Savannah, she described the experience as a normal afternoon which started earlier in the day with her cousin when they noticed the dog nearby. Later in the afternoon during Savannah's ride down the block, the dog crossed the road and aggressively approached her, gnarling and displaying his teeth. The collarless dog was described to have a light brown coat along its back, with a white snout and chest.

A neighbor heard the young girl screaming for help. She huddled behind her bicycle, which she jumped from and placed between herself and the dog.

Savannah said she saw blood on the neck and around the snout of the animal. The source of the blood is unknown. The neighbor advised Savannah not to make eye contact with the dog or to speak to it. In the meantime, the woman called Savannah's mother, who was home taking care of her baby sister.

Savannah's mother contacted Lubbock Animal Services after she learned about the near attack and was told they would dispatch someone to investigate and attempt to locate the animal.

Since the incident, Savannah said that she has not seen the dog and hopes that she never does again.

Residents are asked to take caution when encountering unknown or potentially dangerous animals and to contact Lubbock Animal Services immediately at: (806) 775-2057

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