What used to be a favorite Lubbock restaurant became a place of fear and dread for one Lubbock family after they made a grisly discovery.

I talked last week with Darrell Maloney, author of the book Haunted Lubbock, True Ghost Stories From The Hub of the Plainsabout a house at 37th and Frankford with a truly weird secret. But he also shared a true account of a family's horrifying experience at a haunted restaurant located across from Mackenzie Park.

Shari's parents used to take her to the restaurant as it was one of her dad's favorites. But one day when they pulled into the parking lot, her dad instructed Shari to get back in the car. The reason? He had discovered a woman's severed hand in the parking lot of the restaurant.

Police were quickly called and it was thought that the woman who the hand belonged to had been murdered, her limbs cut up and then possible dragged down the hill behind the restaurant; drag marks were eventually found nearby. Blood was also found on the miniature golf course that used to be behind the restaurant.

Shari said her dad followed up with police to see if they ever discovered whose body the hand belonged to or if they had leads on the possible killer. None were ever found. According to Maloney, it might not have been a murder at all.

The woman also revealed that some time after the incident while using the restaurant's restroom the toilet next to her stall flushed. No one else was in the restroom with her, and this was way before automatically flushing toilets.

Years later, Shari's mother revealed to her that she had kept another secret because she knew her daughter was already so scared of the restaurant.

According to Shari's mother, she too had gone to the restaurant's restroom and heard sobbing. When she came out of her stall, she saw a white, misty figure huddled in the corner in the fetal position. She blinked several times, and the figure disappeared.

Shari doesn't remember the name of the restaurant. The location later became a Burger Boy and the building up the hill was a hotel.

[Update + correction] According to Haunted Lubbock author Darrell Maloney, who reached out to us after the publication of this story, the old Burger Boy location was not the exact scene of Shari's supposed supernatural occurrences. According to Maloney, she incorrectly remembered where it was - something he addressed in the Author's Notes section of his book. The Cliffhouse Restaurant, located around 40 yards away and pictured below, is near where Shari actually experienced the eerie occurrences and where she claims her father found a severed hand.

Photo courtesy: Darrell Maloney

Darrell Maloney says that when he went to the site to take photos, he too had an eerie feeling and felt like he was being watched.

Intern Anna and I had made a trip out to the site to take pictures and video, and we both felt a creepy vibe. I went back out this week to take more video by myself and felt an eerie presence, heard weird noises and sugarfooted it on out of there.

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