There's an absolute menace loose on and he's out of control. He goes by the name of Fox E. Fox and he won't stop until he's reviewed every boba tea place in America it seems.

Fox has been profiled by Vice for his prolific Yelp reviews. In the profile, the outlet labeled him Yelp's horniest reviewer, but I didn't fully grasp his gimmick...until he reviewed something I'm quite familiar with, that is.

Our beloved Jones AT&T Stadium in Lubbock, Texas.

Fox, a traveling musician, visited the city of Lubbock at some time prior to his May 5th, 2015 review of Jones AT&T Stadium. He started his review with: "Indiana Jones opened this stadium back in the old days when his whip was still taut and his hat was still perched on top of his impressive, swollen, throbbing head."

Um. Excuse me?

I personally don't think Mr. Fox has ever been to The Jones. I mean, why leave a review potentially seven months after going to a game?

He did nail other aspects of his review, though.

"First-Hand Experience: Info on my personal visit to this stadium - Texas Tech was not a school I knew much about, until I played my first and only concert in Lubbock, and everyone told me about how amazing this stadium was. Well, I had to go and check it out, and I have to say I was impressed by the campus and even moreso by this enormous, stunning hulk of a stadium. It's absolutely beautiful," Fox wrote.

Maybe he has been to The Jones.

Fox also mentioned the tortillas. "Why do they throw tortillas at the beginning of the game though? Tradition, yes, but a bit of a waste," he said. "Hilarious, crazy people up in the hat part of Texas." (Did he mean the Panhandle?) "Fantastic noise and I had a wonderful time."

Fox then gets a bit serious adding some context to why he left the review, which was a full 5 stars by the way.

"This is one of the best college stadiums there is, because of the atmosphere," he said. "It's a bit more bowl-y than some of them that have this empty end (like this one does), and I highly recommend you come down and catch a game if you're ever in Lubbock."

He also might have left a 5-star review because the kind people of Lubbock showed up to his show. "Why the hell would you be in Lubbock you might say? Or you might be here to play a concert like I was, and I have to say thanks Lubbock for showing up the way you did. Won't be forgotten," he concluded.

Your review won't be forgotten either, Mr. Fox, but please stop writing raps about Boba. It's uncomfortable. You can read Fox E.'s full review of Jones AT&T Stadium on Yelp.

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