If you don't live in a major city in Texas, then you're used to people not even knowing your hometown exists. What's even worse is when they pretend to know the town or city you're talking about but they obviously don't based on how terribly they butcher the name.  

Surprisingly, this is something that those of us living in Lubbock experience quite a bit. I will admit that I didn’t really know Lubbock existed until moving here several years ago, but at least I knew how to pronounce it's name correctly.

Lubbock isn't even one of the most challenging names to figure out across the Lone Star State. There are plenty of places around the state that I know I would struggle to say correctly because they are different from what most people are used to seeing.

TikToker @mycurlyadventures posted a video about this topics that's so far received nearly 200,000 views and over 14,000 likes.

I know that I would fail that test, especially if it included some of the cities shared in the comments of the video. Cities like Nacogdoches, Boerne, Waxahachie and Bexar are definitely challenges that many people would stumble on.  

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This is true of cities all around the United States, too. A city's origin, regional dialects and more can determine how something is pronounced. If you aren't from that area, you might not understand why the city is pronounced that way. However, that is why you just have to accept that the way you thought something was pronounced might be incorrect and be open to learning.

Nothing's worse than being that person that's stuck in their way when everyone else is letting them know the correct way to do something.  

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