It was announced this week that Girl Scout Cookie sales are going digital this year. For the first time, you will be able to order... and reorder cookies without having to leave your house. As L.A. Weekly points out though, the new online venture doesn't mean you won't see Girl Scouts out in public though.

The Girl Scouts of the USA's new program, adorably called Digital Cookie, allows Scouts to take orders via email. Participating Scouts will have a personal cookie web page where people can place orders. The page will also track cookie sales, days remaining and percentage of goal reached. The content of the page must be approved by the Scout's parents — as if a Girl Scout would post anything untoward!

The digital development allows Scouts to reach customers they would not otherwise — including family and friends in other states who previously could have begged off. A mobile app, used in some areas, will allow the Scouts to swipe your credit card and ship the cookies to you directly.

But after almost 100 years of awkward in-person transactions, you'll still see the forest-hued females going door-to-door and stationed outside retail stores. Digital just adds a "new layer," Kelly Parisi, chief communications executive of GSUSA, told USA Today.

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