U.S. Senator John Cornyn wrote an opinion piece for Politico over the weekend that has received a lot of attention. In the article Cornyn writes about the failures of the Obama administration, taxes, unemployment, and Senate Democrats. What surprised some is that Cornyn wrote about how he was confident that the Republicans could take the Senate. According to Politico:

Republicans continue to gain traction in our race for the Senate majority because we have a plan to solve these issues. The past four years have demonstrated the contrast between the two parties. Republicans have maintained their belief in a fair and effective free-market system. We have worked tirelessly to put a structure in place that fosters growth in the present as well as the future.

Senate Democrats have shown the framework of their party’s ideology over the past four years as well. Outrageous government spending and wide-ranging government regulation have defined the measures they have instituted during their time in the majority. Senate Democrats have abandoned the economic policies that led to American prosperity in the past, causing a massive federal deficit and far too many Americans out of work.

We are constantly reminded that elections are choices, not referendums. I would submit that they are both of those things, and that’s why I am optimistic as we approach this final month.

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