Every Friday, KFYO provides an ammunition report, on air, and at KFYO.com. KFYO started that report about two years, when some ammunition was hard to find. Each week we continue to survey local ammo dealers to get up-to-date information about the availability of a variety of ammo.

In recent months, our survey has found that there is plenty of ammo to go around, at least for the six calibers we check.  But recently, one source told us to be prepared for higher prices in the coming months. According to the source, ammo companies will be hiking prices by 10%, which presumably would be passed on to customers.

How reliable is this prediction? It's hard to say. My source works for one of the local ammo dealers, which could be interpreted two different ways. Perhaps he has good connections, good sources who can provide inside information. Or is he floating the rumor of higher prices, hoping that will cause customers to buy more ammo before prices go up?

My gut feeling is he was sincerely offering a prediction he believed would come true. But keep in mind, some predictions, even those offered sincerely, don't always come true.

For the latest on ammo availability, listen to KFYO, and visit KFYO.com, for our weekly ammo report.