There is a static tension in the air around Lubbock as we get closer to Election Day but some resident's are not good sports when it comes to politics. Many campaign signs in Lubbock County are being vandalized and stolen as Election Day is just one day away, as per the publishing of this article, on November 8. Many voters tend to get heated during election time and will go after the signs of the person facing off against their pick for the elections.

In Texas, there are many laws when it comes to political signs such as placement, amount, and even what the sign can look like. Residents are allowed to have one campaign sign per candidate they are supporting. So if you have to Abbott signs or Beto signs you are going to have to pick one. Each candidate is allowed to have two campaign signs per polling location and when those signs get destroyed, damaged, or vandalized they will likely just put up another one that same day.

It is also wise to remember that not only is it illegal in Texas but it is also illegal in all 50 states to steal or vandalize and political sign. I am also sure that many of you are exhausted of receiving the calls to vote for certain candidates especially after you voted so you have to do the one thing there is to do. To show people that you mean business when it comes to your views, candidate and the best way to advocate for your political party is to just go and vote. Stop taking the campaign signs Lubbock, it's childish and not going to change anyone's mind about their vote, especially if they've already voted because it is illegal.

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