The news has been full of people getting kicked off planes, and it has been a problem since Covid 19 started. At first it just seemed like people did not want to comply with Covid rules, but now it seems like so much more. Alcohol was also one of the reasons given for the issues, but most of the airlines stopped selling alcohol and even extended the restrictions.  

So, the question is, why are people still getting kicked off planes? Is this an issue with the companies being too sensitive because they know you must comply, or is it a case of passengers being much more aggressive? 

Looking back at a few recent stories, I believe it is both. For example, a video shared by Libs of Tik Tok showed a man getting kicked off a plane for having a facemask that said Let’s Go Brandon. It was barely visible, but it must have offended someone because he was escorted off the plane. The man said he would file a lawsuit, and he may be able to win if they violated his freedom of speech. I think this would fall in the category of the company and a flight attendant being way to sensitive. There was also a story where a whole family was kicked off who had paid for business class tickets because they complained that the nanny was not allowed to sit with them. They had paid for the nanny to have business class as well to watch their kids, but the plane was over-sold so she was forced to economy. This is not only blatantly an issue with the company and customer service, but also goes into another problem altogether of companies over-selling flights. 

Also, very recently the New York Post has a story that two passengers forced a plane to go back to the gate when they fought over an armrest. They were kicked off and detained by an officer. In that case the passengers were both aggressive. I think that the world has become raw over Covid. Little things have started to bug people more, and they have a harder time ignoring them. I also think that medical conditions have been ignored that could cause some, but not all, of these problems. I hope it all gets cleared up soon, because I am not sure you can still call them the “friendly skies” with so many people getting kicked off flights. 



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