Roaches have always been a nuisance since their arrival in America around the 1620s, but what is it about them that makes them so annoying?

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First off, 'cockroach' seems to be derived from the Spanish word cucaracha (no, not the song that I now will have stuck in my head all week), loosely meaning a beetle-like bug.

In Texas, we have the honor of containing, among others, two dominant species of cockroach: American and German.

American cockroaches

These 1.5 inch oval-shaped fellas are the ones you probably see outside in your garden or alleyways: anywhere humid and warm. It's not uncommon to see them in your kitchen or bathroom, but they're a little shy and tend to prefer the outdoors. And yes... they can fly.

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American cockroaches like decaying material the most like dead leaves or fungus, but when they're inside the house, they gravitate towards those pesky crumbs under your fridge or stove and even the dog food.

These species leave behind a musty smell which can be used to identify a potential infestation. They also hit us with the triple threat: their saliva, urine, and feces are known to elicit allergic reactions or even asthma attacks.

German cockroaches

These are the ones that I have seen the most after moving to a new home in Lubbock. They are the smaller, lighter-colored species that are VERY fast.

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These sickos can carry a wide array of diseases, so it's advised to rid them of your home as fast as possible by calling an exterminator if need be.

Just like Batman, German cockroaches are most active at night, scrounging around the house looking for tasty morsels of moldy food, glue, or even soap.

So, the next time you close your eyes to sleep, just remember: you may not be alone. There may be a cute little pathogen-spreading, mold-eating, nocturnal cockroach applying for the new roommate position.

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