A Dallas sportscaster is using the Arizona Cardinals's hire of former Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury as an example of "white privilege," and I believe he's picking on the wrong guy.

I understand Dale Hansen's complaint about a lack of diversity amongst NFL coaches.  I do get it. The problem with rolling Kingsbury into this equation is that he brings something very, very specific to the table.

Kingsbury's high-flying offensive style is something that's not traditionally found in the NFL. In fact, most programs go for the balanced, run-based offense, or even killer defense type of approach. Kingsbury represents a new approach that is just now making its way into the NFL. And if there is a coach of different ethnicity that has this particular set of skills, then I haven't heard of him.

I have long respected Mr. Hansen's opinions, and he may not even be wrong here, but he is wrong to use Kingsbury as an example. I hope Mr. Hansen realizes that he is approaching a real problem in the wrong way.

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